Breakout Sessions B

Sep 14 2017
3:45 pm - 5:00 pm

Breakout Sessions B

Sessions offered at this time are:

  • Collaborating with Research Resources
    Tech drives innovation economies but numerous regions and clusters leave one of the single greatest sources of IP – the federal labs – largely untapped. Speakers will discuss some of the creative ways organizations leverage the labs’ innovation portfolios to help region- and cluster-based companies find technical solutions, launch new products and create economic growth. Participate in this session to identify new ways your region can work with federal labs to unlock a better future.
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  • Defining Solutions Toward our Workforce Challenges
    Articulating the specific challenges facing the workforce development community is a necessary step before identifying potential solutions. This interactive discussion will discuss these key challenges, describe the different elements of “talent,” and recognize how different partnerships and initiatives are approaching the topic. Finally, we will look at the implications for clusters and technology-based economic development more broadly.
    #Clusters #Collaboration #HigherEd #Regions #Rural #Workforce

  • From Zero to Exit: Lessons from Successful Public-Private Investment Funds
    Aah, the exit! Moving an innovation startup through investment and mentoring services all the way to a successful exit isn’t easy. In fact, many of the younger regionally based funds haven’t experienced many exits yet; the youngest funds, none. In this session, we will have a rare opportunity to listen in on a conversation among some of the most experienced — and successful — VDO investment managers in the field. Drawing insights on how their funds have achieved multiple exits, the managers will discuss topics ranging from team selection, fund objectives, governance, due diligence techniques, key leadership qualities and path selection toward exit, to closure. We’ll also hear them explore the various forms an exit can take and the policy implications for a public-private investment fund. This session will be designed for an audience having some investment experience.
    #Advanced #Capital #Entrepreneurship #ProgramManagement

  • Understanding Defense R&D Funding Opportunities
    The U.S. Department of Defense has an annual budget of approximately $13 billion for R&D and has become increasingly interested in working with external partners for joint projects. DOD’s innovation initiatives can operate either department-wide or within specific services and all have an ultimate, internally-focused goal of aiding the American war-fighter, and these different orientations can lead the uninitiated to find working with DOD confusing. During this session, a panel of experienced practitioners will discuss traditional and novel opportunities to work with DOD to advance innovation.
    #101 #Federal #Funding #HigherEd #R&D